Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good Morning

It's been a really lovely morning today.  I've been up for a couple hours and the whole house is sound asleep.  Which I love.  Blessed Alone Time!  Here is how things go in our house on an average morning; dad goes to work, mom gets the boys to school and goes back to bed, I get up when she gets home, I then grumble and make animal like noises until I get my first cup of coffee.  Then I read my bible for the morning and pray and
I then sit down in front of the computer and catch up on all my favorite blogs for a half hour or so *because I just can't do it when my husband is around* and then I may or may not write a post, then I get ready for the day, and start cooking breakfast for all 3 of us *husband, mom, and I* the smell will wake mom up and she'll come in and ask for some, then I go and deliver coffee outside in our place to the husband *you have to wake him up VERY carefully and quietly and be pretty sweet when you do it or there's no living with him all day*

I never noticed I was like my grandma until this morning, this morning is just like any other morning except it is pouring down rain and is windy and freezing.  Which I love.  So I woke up extra early and just laid in bed listening to the rain, cuddled up to my husband, and read my bible in bed.  Now I'm sitting here in a sweat jacket, a thermal, and pink pajama pants nursing a hot cup of coffee remembering how my grandma got up before everyone else and read her devotions and got a head start on getting herself and the house ready for the day.  I see now why she did it, it's so nice to have quiet uninterrupted time to yourself.  To prepare yourself for the day mentally and spiritually by reading the Lord's word.  Then to get yourself put together, and start taking care of just makes you feel a bit more put together!  Now this morning I'm just thinking of what a beautiful and blessed life I have and how particularly fun the last couple days have been and I'm going to share some picture of our Monday with you!  Enjoy!

The morning started with husband going out, and I decided it was so cold and windy it was the perfect day for stew!  So chopped up all the ingredients and into the crock pot it went for 7hours and it was PERFECT I use this Recipe

After that it was time for some yoga *which I desperately needed* and of course had to burn my new sweet pea candle while I was getting all stretched out!

I started watching a favorite movie after yoga and after the house was cleaned and got a little doodle inspiration and did this little bird in my new sketchpad it made me smile at least :)

yummmm when the husband got home we sat outside in the sun and he drank his sweet tea and I drank my green sun tea with pieces of strawberry SO good

then we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's to get a loaf of this fresh baked goodness to go with our stew!

How was your Monday?  What's your morning routine?


Jane said...

Ahh your morning routine sounds so nice! When Daniel is home we have a little routine which I miss. Without him home I kind of stumble around and let the dogs out... Not a great routine. haha

Amira said...

Aww your post made me feel so warm and cozy :-) Sounds like an amazing day!

Stacie said...

I love days like that, rain makes me so joyful. I am totally the same way! I get up way before my husband (well, he also works the night shift) and I like just spending time alone for a bit before everyone gets up. It's very relaxing! And mmm does that bread look YUMMY!

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