Friday, January 13, 2012

Justified, Season 2

My new favorite guilty-but still oh so yummy and perfect-pleasure is the new couple on Justified season 2, Ava and Boyd Crowder are TOGETHER!  If you've followed this show was it as 'OMG' for you as it was for me???  My husband and I got the first season on dvd when we were in Germany and wanted to hole up in front of the tv...and now I'm addicted and when he's home I know he will be to lol, now I always kinda liked Boyd Crowder, and hated Raylan and Ava together but I got all pissed when Raylan made the HUGE mistake of dumping poor Ava for Winnona (she's super Uggs I'm not havin it) I love this show because all the country, redneck, southern stuff going on makes my husband think of home and remind me how much I love sweet tea and aplachian music!  Anyway, I've been recording season2 and just caught up a bit tonight but missed a few key episodes all of a sudden Boyd and Ava are TOGETHER!!!!!!! ...And I am ALL about it!  I think they're perfect together and he's all crazy and smart and she's sweet and mean as hell!  Here's pictures I found online that are SUPER AWESOME!  Love them and whoever did they is amazing!  I go nuts for an awkward love story like this I swear!

...I am in love with them being in love he's so sweet and wonderful to her and SO protective of her it makes me want to cry, totally makes me miss my own crazy redneck hunny...♥

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