Thursday, December 22, 2011

My 21st Birthday! All 3 parts!

So my 21st birthday was on December 8th.  I did no drinking on this day, at all.  Instead I had the house to myself and did a little pampering and primping!  My husband was out in the field shooting expert with something or other and I was pretty sad about not getting to talk to him on my birthday again (let alone ya know actually BEING with him on my birthday).  But then I got a surprise phone call and low and behold he got back on time to talk to me for a few minutes!  It deffinitely made my birthday!  After that I got stuff to make cookies and a cake (with my dad, its a tradition I have NEVER had a store bought cake ever we always make it together), then my family and I went and picked out a Christmas tree!  I opened some gifts (my favorite present was the COMFIEST pair of slippers I've ever put my feet into!) so all in all a GREAT birthday!

The next night (friday evening) I went with my mom and my aunt Dianna and had a girls night at a local casino with lots of adult beverages for myself!  By the time we finished I had a spectacular buzz (my mother would call it rip roaring drunk) and 55 dollars more than I had walked in with!  So we did what any 3 married women out on a friday night would do...we went to 4 AM.  And let me just say WAY to many people in Dennys...I had an excuse I wanted to know why on earth they were all there???  And I inquired...loudly...and they loved big deal im like a Dennys rockstarrr!

So I though, awesome birthdays over now time for christmas...or is it over?!?!?
Nobody in my life has EVER been able to surprise me (I mean like surprise parties or gifts) partly because I'm nosey and paranoid and partly because I'm a genius (mostly the latter) well guess who finally surprised me???

THATS RIGHT!  My husband!!!!...and I know I know but sorry girls back off he's all mineee ;) lol but he did it with help from two of my bestfriends, my mother and my bestie Lauren!  On monday I had a one of a kind, wonderful surprise party!

It was amazing, I had a little tiara, balloons, my aunt and my grandma were there!  My favorite resturaunt, wine, sparkling wine (thank you Lauren), ROSES, a cake, and a couple presents from Juicy Couture!  But the most amazing thing was that fact that they all got together and did it FOR ME, I didn't have to plan it, pay for it, organize it, plant the seeds in anyones head, I did NOTHING.  My husband knows I get down around my birthday because i plan all my friends and families birthdays and they are always amazing!  But when it comes to my own I have to do it every year and it never turns out even remotely how I want it.  Always made me kinda sad I had to do it for myself.  Well the love of my life wasn't having it this year and got my bestfriend (who lives in OK now and is currently back visiting, YAY!) in contact and said something he wanted to make sure happened and voila!  A surprise Marie the world has never seen :) Lauren cried twice, I got a buzz, got to hang out with almost all of my favorite people, and eat my favorite italian food...what is not to love???

I loved it all, and I am so in love with my husband it's ridiculous!

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