Monday, November 7, 2011


Good Monday Morning to all of you!  Hope your monday is going well!  Mine has already had a few ups and downs lol!  But that's fine at least things aren't boring!  I'm trying to be positive today can you tell?  I have SO many blogging ideas and things I really want to blog about that I straight up have a LIST!  So what to blog about on this lovely, freezing Monday morning?  Answer?


...the love of my life, my one addiction (since quiting facebook anyway), my happiness in a cup!  I LOVE starbucks!  I love coffee in the mornings when it's cold our or overcast or rainy especially!  I just love how calming and relaxing it is (ya know until like an hour later when the caffiene kicks in) and just how cozy it is to sit in my uggs and comfy sweats in my favorite chair reading and drinking coffee out of a steaming hot mug!  Another thing I absolutely cups, mugs, whatever you want to call them I absolutely love them.  And on the note I had quite the heart break last night but I'll get to that later.  So today I decided to not torture you guys or myself and combine a couple posts into one!  So the theme for this morning is Coffee ...♥

To start off, my favorite coffee cup broke last some this isn't a big deal at all...but to me it was horrifying and I'm not kidding when I say it happened in slow motion.  I have been through ALOT with this particular coffee mug.  It was perfect for a coffee-addict like me.  It was HUGE it actually held a half of a pot of coffee in it!  It was cream colored with lovely black lettering, I even got it on sale at Marshalls for 4 dollars!  I never, ever let ANYONE drink out of this cup.  Ever.  My husban when he came back from Afghanistan didn't even get to drink out of it.  People that know me, know what a sad day this is for me.  I'm still not sure how to react or what to do, I will most likely never find a mug like this again.  I got this particular cup when I was moving my husband and I into our own house (first house btw) he thought I needed to get away from family and needed something to do while he was deployed so he shoved me in a house.  That idea may have been great or horrible the Jury is still out, but thats not the point.  This cup got me through horrible times, nights I couldn't sleep when I was worried about him, mornings when we'd fought because he was stressed and I just didn't know how to help him.  It's been there for some big things for me.  And now because of one trip and my arms that were way to full it's gone </3

I kow you're thinking just glue it it's only 3 big pieces, well it wasn't there was like a million shards everywhere.

Here is a great picture of my cup in better times, in a wonderful memory of mine!

at our old house in front of our view at about 6am

So I'm going to pull myself out of mourning, obviously I love my coffee.

My bean grinder that I love! Nothing like grinding your own beans I think it just tastes better, you get the smell, its a whole experience really.  My favorite creamer!  And my cup...</3

This is the coffee pot I got from one of my best friends for my bridal shower...obviously she knows me well.

Filters, Starbucks' breakfast blend...perfection!

...and then there's that gratifying moment!  When you pour the first amazing cup and get to snuggle up in your favorite over-sized winter chair on a really cold day!

Do you enjoy coffee?  Have a special cup you use?  Like a certain kind of coffee?

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SarahMarie said...

Marie you are so silly! Girlie I got a job! whooho! you should call me I miss my marie. Love you!

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