Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The HCG Diet

So I've started a new diet.  It's the HCG diet.  The first two days you gorge, then day 3-23 you eat a VERY low amount of calories.  About 500, but I'm not starving!  Yesterday I actually ate only 318.  I know how unhealthy that sounds and I am not a nutritionist or scientist.  I am an army wife who wants to lose the weight she gained during her husband's deployment.  I'm on day 3 and I've lost FIVE pounds.  Five pounds and I've only been eating the small amount of calories for 24hours.
FIVE...thats 5...that's more than I've lost in a month trying on my own!  If you have negativity keep it to yourself I'm doing what I want, I'm grown.  And I'm happy so far!  I'm going to be documenting my weight loss on here, the foods I eat and make, and then the first month after the diet probably.  I'll deff be taking a break on Thanksgiving!  And then December I won't be on it.

So here was dinner last night!  Lean ground Turkey made into a burger and grilled on the Geroge Foreman grill, lettuce, and a whole tomatoe slicedand baked!  It was actually wonderful!

Do you have any good recipes?  What kind of veggies do snack when you diet?

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