Thursday, September 29, 2011

Adoring my celeb. crushes!

Vin Diesel and Tom Anderson

...Riddick...enough said <3 lol

I'm sure most of you know who Vin Diesel is...

...I swear I'm not drooling.

BUT Most of you probably don't know who Tom Anderson is so I'm including this picture of him which depending on your age and level of activity on the internet you'll have a better chance of recognizing him.

Vin as Xander Cage in as far as I'm concerned the one and only xxx movie! love those tatts!
YES...that is the 'Myspace guy' Tom Anderson the creator and founder of Myspace (he sold it in 2009 so its not his fault it got completely stupid.)

So I've always been facsinated/in Love with Vin Diesel, I went through a phase where it was his movies on all the time, the soundtracks to his movies in my CD player, his picture as my wall paper lol his quotes scibbled on my papers in school.  His movies I saw the first time when I was about 15 or 16 he was deffinitely one of my biggest crushes :) he was Riddick and I was in puppy love LOL his character really got to me and stuck with me.  I am still a huge fan to this day and VERY excited because apparently he has quite a few new films in the works including, A new Riddick film, xxx the return of xander cage, another fast and furious film!  And something else but I cannot remember the name!  Anyway yes I'm in love with Vin Diesel and his acting style and the movies he's in, he always plays that guy.  He's not good but he's not bad he is on a whole other level ♥

In LOVE with those eyes, Silver and Grey are my favorite colors ever and those eyes just drive my crazy (love the fact that my husband totally would love to have eyes like that! LOL)

anyway I think its hilarious that I also completely adore Tom Anderson stephen and I feel he's partly responsible for us meeting because we met on myspace and he is the creator of myspace ♥ also I started following him on facebook and Google+ (its called following I'm not a stalker.) and he's so smart and posts the most interesting things! These two men are deffinitely my celebrity crushes...I am so weird :)

here is another pic of Tom :)

So I apparently like smart, nerdy, quiet, but when they do talk you are just compelled to listen, badass guys, with big muscles and shaved heads...totally my husband haha ♥ ...ScOrE for me!

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