Sunday, July 10, 2011

♥ Sexxx&&&Sunnn ♥

There is nothing like summer and there is nothing like sex but I'm to much of a lady to talk about sex in a blog ;)

Anyway,  this has been an amazing summer so far and it isn't over yet!  Stephen and I were floating in the water the other day in our little pool, and I was in a delightful mood we'd been swimming/floating for 4hours (a Drink heavily Mixed w/Rum may or may not have been involved) and I leaned over to my husband and laughed loudly and probably obnoxiously and said "We smell like sex and sun" and he cracked up as well.  It was just a really nice, funny, and warm moment.  I love summer so much, and my husband of nickname as a kid and now (my family tells everyone its one of my middle names lol) is sunshine, My hubby had me watch a movie with him called "Dark City" it was a good movie but so dark there was no sun, and I was pretty down the whole movie until the very end when the sun came out and the ocean and beach, and my husband reached over and grabbed me and gave me a big kiss and told me "you really are a sun child aren't you" and I'd never thought about that before, his nickname is shadow and I'm eyes are light and his are skin is dark and so is my hair his skin and hair are light...the last few years I haven't been a very 'outside girl' but since him I have..and I love just makes me so happy...I feel like a wildflower the last few weeksm riding bikes, swimming, running around bare foot, playing badminton lol...swinging on a porch swing or rocking in the rocking chair it's just so nice to feel the sun beating down on me and warming my skin and my soul...and having him rocking and swinging right there next to me is even more amazing..I haven't felt so good in so long, my skin looks great, I feel like I said amazing and so content and happy...guess that sex & sun is doing me good ;)

Also got our photos taken :D

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