Friday, February 8, 2013

One more day

Tomorrow is my due date.  February 9th.  I am 40 weeks pregnant.  Still totally not feeling real.  My stomach is Huge if I go anywhere people openly *and rudely* stare at me and my baby belly *I kind of feel that I've graduated from a bump and I just don't know what to call my current state* someone always asks me if I'm having twins.  When I inform them no there is only one they then proceed to ask me '...are you sure one isn't hiding behind the other?' and then I just laugh because I do not know what is going on in there.  I haven't had a sonogram since November, I would think something would've shown up so I'm going to stick with no there is not two of them just maybe a little bit bigger than average one.  Stretch marks have totally taken over, I have one of those belly buttons that has always been in and it is now trying to make it's way out *by the way that is painful and nobody told me about that* today is my doctor appointment.  I'm going with my mom and my Doula and in a couple hours we'll be crowded into the little room and he'll most likely check me *again OW*  and we'll see if I'm dilating or effaced at all.  Last week I was having some bad back pains, and some random contractions and when he checked me my cervix was definitely softening so that was all good for having a whole week left!  My doctor then proceeded to talk to me about options.  You know a C-section, being induced, waiting it out naturally.  I would like to avoid a C-section and being induced as long as possible.  The only reason I personally would choose either of those options was if there was some danger to the baby.  That's my first and really only priority.  A lot of people think I'll need to be induced because I'm so big, but not according to the doctor.  I still haven't gained 30lbs, my blood pressure is perfect every time, no diabetes, no real swelling or puffiness to speak of.  He said there really isn't a reason to push inducement.  And I am happy about that so very happy, but that was last week and things can change.  So we'll have to see where we are at today.  It's weird being so close to my due date but still not quite there.  My doctor warned me a lot of women will choose to be induced because of the emotional and mental stress and pressure.  I didn't understand what he was talking about until Sunday I think...and that's when the text messages and phone calls and facebook posts started.  "When are you having that baby?" "That's weird you aren't feeling anything yet!" "Why aren't you going into labor?" "Can you please hurry?" now I know these people are only being loving and caring and they don't see any harm and really it's not but surprisingly it is a lot of pressure it makes me feel like I'm almost failing or not doing something right because it's not happening yet.  And then on the one hand I do in fact wish I could hurry, and I would also love to know the exact day and moment I will have her...but I don't.  I never realized how much pregnant women psyche themselves out for their due date.  The calendar has a star on it, everything is centered around it, and yet how many women actually give birth on their due date and not sometime before or after?  Pregnancy is so different for everyone it's really quite amazing if you think about it.

Can't wait to check back in after the appointment
Hope you have a wonderful Friday!


I'll Love You Forever said...

Cute cute shoes! Can't believe your due date is here. Seriously went by so fast! Best of luck!

Brandee Shafer said...

Oh! God bless, Marie! I hope everything went well!

Stacie said...

did you have your little munchkin yet? I wanna see pictures!

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