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online Book club - August

So a couple friends decided to join in me in an online book club.  We read one book a month, and then the last weekend of the month we each write a post about it.  They can link up or not, answer questions in comments on this post or discuss in comments, really whatever they want!  We're kind of leaning towards Christian books, and I am so happy about that!  This month we read lineage of grace by Francine Rivers.

This book follows 5 women of the lineage of Jesus Christ.  All very unlikely women, with amazing stories and amazing lessons in each one.  Those women are Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary.  For me Francine's book touched me and just brought me to my knees a few times.  It was all realistic, from a biblical standpoint it was all accurate, and in each story the love, grace, and forgiveness of God just poured through in every word.  At the end of each story was a bible study.  So what I'm going to do is take a question or two from each study and post it here, answer it for myself, and if the other ladies reading the book want to just answer the same questions on their blogs that's cool with me :)

Book 1 was Unveiled and it was the story of Tamar.

1) What have you learned about Judah so far?  Is he confrontational or passive?  Why?

2)  How did Jacob's son Judah acquire a wife?  Who were her people?

3) What was your opinion of Tamar's character and how she reacted to everyone in the house?  Would she be your definition of a 'good' wife?

Book 2 was Unashamed and it was the story of Rahab

1) Who is Rahab?  How does she make her living?

2) How did Rahab recieve the two 'visitors' to Jericho?

3) Rahab and her family were locked up in her house waiting for the fall of Jericho, in what ways are you in a waiting place right now?  What are you waiting for?  And are you waiting in God?

Book 3 was Unshaken and it was the story of Ruth

1) Ruth experienced several life changing events, what life changing events have you experienced?

2)  What is Naomi's attitude when she goes to Bethlehem, who does she blame for her misfortunes?

3) Do you identify with Ruth or Naomi?

Book 4 was Unspoken and it was the story of Bathsheba

1)  Before David knew who the woman was and sent for her anyway, list everything he know about her and would you describe her as a seductress, victim, or something in between?

2) What consequences befall David's family as a result of their sin?

3) Read John 1:9 from this scripture what is God's promise?  What is the condition of that promise?

Book 5 was Unafraid and it was the story of Mary

1) Mary was alone and quiet when God spoke to her.  God speaks to us in small, quiet ways today, but are we available to hear?  List the things that might distract us and keep us from hearing him.

2) Share a time when you had to 'make do' with your circumstances such as Mary and Joseph had to do with theirs in Bethlehem.

3) Read Luke 8:19-21 what do we learn about Mary and Jesus' relationship from that passage?  What appears to be happening to their relationship?  

4) What provisions does Jesus make for Mary as he is dying on the cross?

So overall what did you think of each character?  Were you surprised at your reactions to a specific one?  Or maybe a few of them?  Did your opinions change as their stories went on?  Did you identify with a certain character?

I highly recommend this book!  And if you were one of the ladies who read it I hope you enjoy it and I hope we can continue this book club next month!

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