Friday, September 28, 2012

FedEx, UPS, and Patience

Ok so, Patience...I have none.  Well that's not entirely true just with certain things.  Like waiting for packages that contain pregnant-lady clothes that I have been in dire need of for quite a while now.  And waiting for the little thing that says 'in transit' on the delivery services website to go all the way over to delivered!  ...No patience for any of that stuff.

So I've had some problems with Fedex in the past, they like to say that they 'attempted' to deliver something when I know for 100% fact that they did not we had 3 people home ALL day one of which was almost always outside...we didn't see you coming down the dirt road bro...because you didn't.  Aside from us there are 15 people living on this ranch we have a phone tree set up for the Jehova Witness, and FedEx.  You weren't there.  But this time instead of trying to redeliver it or waiting till I called and complained and then being forced to redeliver to my middle-of-nowhere somehow were able to pawn off my package on the post office!  Yes.  The post office.  This has never happened before and I don't know how it happened now.

Ok.  So now the Post office apparently is holding my package hostage.  It was received yesterday in the early afternoon apparently.  So tell me why on the little pink slip it says I have to pick it up After today?  And they know just as well as I do that they aren't open on Saturday.  So I have to wait till Monday...and that is not cool.  I could've worn my new clothes to church, or on date night this weekend, or just stared at them adoringly!  It says on the sheet you can choose to have them redeliver it via the UPS website...oh wait it's technically a Fedex package so I didn't get a valid UPS tracking number for it.  They are just doing a grand job of screwing me this week.  But I'm going to head up to the post office when they open this morning and see if there is anyway I can get my package or if they can help me get it redelivered.  Lets just hope the grouchy, mean, positively unfriendly women behind the counter feel like helping out the irritated pregnant woman.  I'm definitely going to have to pray before heading up there.  My pregnancy hormones do not make for a sweet and quiet Marie.  More like irrational and bringing out all that is evil in my Irish temper.

Wish me luck!

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Nattybug said...

I bet that is way frustrating. Just wanted to post on here and let you know I hope all is well! It has been FOREVER since I have really been active on here, I am doing my best to catch up!!

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