Thursday, April 26, 2012

Prayer Request Please

The poor people on my twitter and in my email contacts have already gotten this lol! But you can NEVER have to much prayer :)

My husband got a little one day temp job *don't know if he's getting paid or if its a preliminary type deal he doesn't care he just wants out of the house we are SO excited* and he goes tomorrow early to start, and I am SO nervous for him!!!! I don't know why I feel like my baby is going off to school for the first time LOL! He's not from this town or even this state! He hasn't lived in the united states in 4 years! For almost 5 he's lead a certain kind of life style and I always worry about him adjusting I guess *so glad I have a blog to express my worries and concerns without feeling stupid!* And I totally think my anxieties and fears are his also *yeah they totally aren't lol* I would be nervous about doing the right thing, fitting in, I'd just be so nervous! ...he just asked me to wash his Bubba Keg so he could take it!!! I don't get men lol! I'm so happy for him though he feels useful again! So just send some prayers our way if you think about us :) we'd really appreciate it! It's just amazes me over and over again how the Lord ALWAYS provides no matter where we are or what we're doing we are always protected and taken care of by his love <3

Have a wonderful Friday!

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Jane said...

Lots of thoughts and prayers.

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