Thursday, March 22, 2012


So I had a whole other awesome post set up for tonight but I couldn't get this out of my mind!  I've recently gotten into eBay if you remember I'm totally an amazon girl... usually but the item I was salivating over and dreaming of I lost, so sad.  I was super disapointed but the bidding got a little to high for me.  You see I've been really into Beatrix Potter lately, I love her and her drawings and the cartoons I just can't get enough!  And I've also got a blossoming love affair with stamps going!  Now apparently Beatrix Potter stamps are not that easy to find all the ones on eBay are up in the $20's and $30's and thats for only ONE ...where we are financially I couldn't dream of spending money on something like stamps.  But I am positively salivating over these ridiculously cute and expensive stamps!  So I can't spend lots and lots of money but I can Save change, can't I?  Yes.  Yes I can.  I am horrible with change I'm that person that shoves it into the bottom of my purse and it dissapears somehow but no more!  I took a mason jar and some chalkboard paint and went to work on making this...

if you're wondering why it also says teapot thats for another post but that is also a recent obesseion!

I even left part of the lid off the mason jar so it still looks like the whole thing is on there but it's even easier to get the change in there and it's right when you walk in the door
*I'm trying to make this as easy as possible can you tell?*
So I've been hording change for about a week and husband counted it all out tonight 
*he's my financial advisor LOL* 

I have a grand total saved of


...Super proud of myself lol now what I Usually would do is go find something to buy NOW instead of continuing to SAVE like I should do, but luckily my husband is here and says no and puts the jar out of reach until my fit-of-needing-to-spend passes...Love him.

Well wish me luck in my quest to save, get stamps, and not make it a totally painful experience!

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Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

What a cute idea :) I love mason jars, they can be used for so many things. I have been making candles in them. Good luck on your savings :) xoxo

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