Thursday, February 16, 2012

Well Hello There Old Friend

It's a clear, chilly night here in Northern California.  Beautiful, crystal clear and ice cold.  My favorite candles are glowing atop the desk and bookshelf the flames dancing delicately against the light blue and grey of the walls while their sweet perfume fills the air, steam is still rising from my mug of green tea while I take a sip and feel the hot and aromatic liquid pour down my throat and warm me from the inside out, I feel more relaxed already.  There is nothing like a clean and warm room, filled with sweet scents on a cold night like this.  My movie is starting to play it's a favorite...a Beatrix Potter Classic the kind of quaint, quiet, calm cartoon that has me dreaming of water colors, misty afternoons, irish flutes, classic books and favorite  W.B. Yates poems, and of course countless cups of tea...this seemed like the perfect time to write y'all a quick little note apologizing for my absence lately but you see I have a perfectly wonderful excuse, you see my husband is home and he's home for good!

( if you follow me here, or here, or on instagram mrslester21 probably already knew that )

 and well we've just been keeping ourselves busy learning about each other, just adjusting, loving, and soaking up every minute together.  And figuring out our very own Normal it's been an amazingly interesting and beautful few weeks since he's been home and I would not trade one kiss, one argument, one ounce of Us for anything in the world!  But I just wanted to let y'all know that I have Not forgotten about my blog or the fun I have sharing pictures, projects, and anecdotes of my own...or reading about Yours!  So keep an eye out for my much needed updates coming soon
...And Remember You're Beautiful

this is also a Note that I woke up to on our chalk board a few days after the husband was home isn't he sweet!

Love, Marie


FourLetterWurdz said...

Yay! I'm so happy he's home! I can't imagine how happy/excited you are!

Mrs.Marie Lester said...

thank you!!! It's amazing :D I still can't even imagine it LOL how are u?!

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