Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hospitals and Hummus

The week is almost over! Yay weekend! For us that means the entire family is home, spending time outside, going for rides, working on the quad, hauling wood, church, family meals (breakfast, lunch, AND dinner), and of course NAPS!
What does the weekend mean in your household???
Well today I was SO excited to share my little restoration project of an old box into some shelving for our little knick knacks! Here is a little peak...

...but life has happened so that will have to be put off for other more important things and that is where...
The Hospital
comes into this post
I would very much appreciate some prayer for my uncle Kenny he was taken away in an ambulance for a problem with his gallbladder. Husband and I just got back from a 4hour shift there (with no information and no seeing him). Today has been filled with worry, praying, multiple phone calls to and from family members, updates to dad on his brother...and now I'm just waiting and charging the phone, eating, and changing shoes, until Dad gets home and he and I head back to the hospital for another shift of waiting and praying.
But not to be a total downer and leave y'all high and dry with nothing fun here is a new Love in my life...Hummus! I love pita chips and pita bread, and I have never had Hummus (how have I survived this long????) well it was 3 people in two days telling me how they made hummus and how good it was that totally made me give in and go...
"Ok babe mush up some garbanzo beans for me!"
Here is what we used
Olive Oil
1 can of Garbanzo beans
Garlic (LOTS of it)
lemon juice
and a little salt and pepper

all of that is to your taste by the way I measure nothing! Here is a really bad picture...

It turned out AMAZING though no matter how the picture looks. I LOVE it, I'm munching on it RIGHT now and it may or may not have gotten into the keyboard a bit SHHHHH...don't tell my husband!
I highly recommend it as a wonderful snack!

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