Thursday, January 19, 2012

My big dream for 2012

...well one of them anyway lol!
  Last year in around september I went to my first women's retreat with my church.  We went to a place called Jenness Park Christian Camp at first I was not happy about going in a moment of weakness while surrounded by the little old church ladies I had signed myself and my mother up *if I was going down I was taking her with me* on  the way up to the park I was pretty much pouting lol no internet, no tv, no phones, the cell reception is worse than bad, no wifi, and there was 1 payphone in the whole camp.  And I had to be there for THREE DAYS! 

This was probably one of the best times in my entire life, it was amazing having no cantact but with the women at the campe, no electronic distractions, the food was wonderful, the scenery was AMAZING.  They had awesome classes to attend, devotions, singing, it was great!  Most of the time though I would go off and find a quiet place to journal, reflect, or just pray.  My headphones were abandoned the second day!  The sounds of nature and God's creations were much more beautiful and melodic than any song on itunes could EVER be!
Here are a few pictures of the park! 

So these are just a few, another cool thing is verses are etched and written on EVERYTHING in the camp!  The word is all over the place!  It's wonderful!  My goal this year (or dream depending on how you look at it) is to get a group of women/girls together to have our own little women's retreat we could all just get a regular cabin, split the price, and have our own little workshops and crafts!  Everyone (or anyone who wanted) could give their testimonies about how they found the Lord, a time when they really felt close to God, anything!  We could talk about things we have trouble with, things we need to work on, ways that we've grown in the Lord!  It could be a chance to make friends, learn about ourselves, each other, and most importantly to grow in the Lord and surround ourselves with positive christian influences and principals for a couple days!  I'd love it if it could be a Military Girl group, wives, girlfriends, mothers, fiances, past AND present!  But I would love it just as much if it wasn't made of military girls but I feel thats something women with military spouses or finaces or boyfriends (sons, nephews, etc.) need a safe and strong Christian influence and support system!

Have you ever been on a women's retreat?  What did you like or dislike about it?  Do you feel the need for a stronger Christian influence in your life?  Do you feel a need for more like-minded friends with the same Christian principals?

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