Friday, December 23, 2011

Dark & Creative

Sometimes I just get in a dark frame of mind, now dark doesn't neccesarily mean negative or even bad!  It's just different movies, situations, music, can be dark and still totally happy with a good message!  When I get like this I notice it's not so much the 'dark' aspect of things that move me but more intense, and painfully real and honest.  Things like that you just can't have every day, you just can't handle every day.  Thats why every once in awhile I let it all out.  This time since it's so close to Christmas I'm kind of struggling with it but that's cool I'm supplementing with weird photo editing, music, and darker awesome...enjoy some random pictures I make out of boredom!  Thank you Blink-182 for the amazing song btw...♥

Do you ever get a weird or funky feeling?  And you just wana go with it?  How do you let loose? What are your creative outlets??

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