Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day & Red Friday

Today is Veteran's Day.  Today I want to thank ALL of the Veterans AND their families for their service, and ask anyone who reads this to say a prayer with me for the families of the ones who did not make it home.

Today I'm so proud of my family, of my maternal Grandfather who lights up my life and is completely different from anyone else... 

Second Class Petty Officer William Hosford
United States Navy

Today I miss My paternal Grandfather more than words can describe and I am so proud be his granddaughter and to have had 16 years of knowing and loving him, RIP Grandpa and thank you...

Corporal Jesse Gene Powers
United States Army

Today I am proud to say Thank you to My husband for his service, to say that I miss him more than anything and cannot wait until we are together again this man is well worth the 2 1/2 year wait (we've been married but have yet to live together) I'm so glad you're deployment is done and we came out of it better than ever.  We learned so much together I love you...

Specialist Stephen Michael Lester
United States Army

My husband's friend took this picture this was in Kirkistan, he told him to "smile for your wife" lol this was the last picture I got of him till R&R and the email he was sending me was the last one for quite a while

and I'm remembering our good friend PFC Conrado Javier and his wonderful family and his fiance Michelle, Javi was KIA near Kandahar Afghanistan on December 19th 2010.  He was the youngest soldier from California to die in Afghanistan in 2010.  Then-Govenor Arnold  had this to say about the tragic loss;
"Private First Class Conrado Javier served our country with bravery and honor, and his selflessness is a true inspiration. We will forever be indebted to this courageous soldier for protecting our freedoms. Maria and I offer our most sincere sympathies to Conrado’s family and loved ones during this difficult time."
and in honor of Javier, Capitol flags were flown at half-staff.  He was a wonderful friend and anamazing person, I'll never forget the day we found out...and attending his funeral will stay with me for the rest of my life. 
Rest In Peace Javi
("thats badass")
and if anyone reading this knew Javi they would get that lol
This is Javier in Afghanistan (and my husband in the background not paying attention)

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