Saturday, November 12, 2011

"It's not enough to be busy..."

"Thoreau once said it's not enough to be busy; the question is what are you busy about?"

So I'm going to try and figure out what I'm 'busy about' in this post lol!

So, I had one of my big-huge-stressful time consuming things taken off my plate today!  My veteran's day speech at my church!  There were only 60 people but being the main speaker was nerve wracking!  And talking openly, and honestly about my husband's deployment brought back painful memories and feelings.  But it's something that I pride myself on being able to do because I learned from everything that happened.  I spoke also on making sure that our service members are spiritually prepared, and how that is even more important than the physical.  I was a nervous wreck all day until I was standing up there speaking and then I was marginally better lol...but it's over and the Lord gave the strength to get through it, the words to say, and the grace not to fall or drop my note cards!  So now that one of the huge things on my mind is over with...I have only one more until I start to get into my own version of 'Holiday Crunch Time' when all of a sudden I want everything I can get done before December Crazy sets into my brain!  So right now I'm making a list of big, important things to have done BEFORE Thanksgiving which is only like what?  Not even two weeks away?! (I cannot bring myself to do the actual math or I will completely lose it I think)

Tomorrow is Sunday, a day for the Lord, a day of rest & relaxation, of talking a little bit with my husband and telling him about the sermon, of going to night services with my dad as well as morning service with my mom (I'm southern baptist btw)...for my rest & relaxation I like to play christian and gospel, and calm country music and clean my little Ft.Lester from top to bottom!  Maybe some people consider this working but for me I think about the sermon, about how God's working in my life, I think about the touching lyrics of 'Victory in Jesus' or similiar songs, and it always makes me feel SO much better to be cleaning, the way it feels, looks, and smells when its done!  And there is nothing like waking up monday morning and starting the week off with a spotless home!  So I'm actually pretty excited for tomorrow to roll around...♥

Next seems like there are just some bills that REFUSE to go away and leave you alone!  Or at least have the good decency to STAY paid off...ya know?

Catching up on emails, 1) I REALLY need to clean out my entire inbox and get rid of all the ones I've read and don't need I have like 4,000 ... it's ridiculous!  I haven't really checked or answered my email in about two weeks....I have so much to catch up on!  I feel guilty! Argh!

My husband's deployment book was supposed to be delivered almost two months ago, there was a problem with printing they assured me I'd have it!  I just either want the book or my 50 dollars back ya know?  So I have to call and bug them AGAIN.

Fixing up the Ft.  I'm going to try and have all the Ft.Lester projects up and make a cute little Ft.Lester post and take before and after pictures but right now my pretty little home is a construction zone!!!! Things are half painted (I hate running out of paint) ply-wood is showing and the cover is off the base of my built-into-the-wall-bed!...My poor TV is on the ground!  Not ideal conditions right now making it hard to think and causing my eye to twitch!  But it should hopefully all be done come this time next week!

SO!  I lost my magazine, my Christmas decorating magazine...I've been holding onto this magazine since LAST Christmas it is in perfect condition, it has all these cool easy ideas for homemade ornaments!  I decorate my grandmother's living room and her small artificial tree (its not really that small average size for a tree) and am going to try and make all the ornaments this year!  I'm SO excited with my husband not coming home for Christmas and it being my favorite time of year decorating this little tree and getting all creative is the highlight of the season!...but it's cool cuz I totally found it in the bathroom LOL

I'm also freaking out and twitching slightly at the release of my new website we've always been strictly facebook but now we're going to be accessible to anyone on the internet (who is approved by us and a legitimate military gal) and I'm hoping people recieve it well!  Cross your fingers for my honeys!  It should also be out by the end of this week!  Hopefully sooner!

My diet, is freaking hard.  I love to cook, and I love to eat!  And my husband loves to eat and he thinks it's sexy when I cook OMGOODNESS how is a girl supposed to keep any kind of a figure?!?!  My goal is getting back to what I weighed when my husband and I met two years ago and that is 32 pounds away (I've already lost 9 pounds) but it's just rough but I lost about 10 pounds in a week so it's deffintiely working but I'm going off of it for Thanksgiving and Christmas but am going to keep trying because I feel great and I realllyyyy LOVE fitting into my old clothes again!...But right now I am craving my Christmas coffee creamer and my special starbucks treats!

I'm also trying to make plans for my 21st birthday with my husband, mom&aunt, friend Lauren, and cousin Danielle...just anything to get my mind off the fact my love isn't here on such a big birthday for me!  And figure out something special for us to do on our anniversary even though he won't be here...wish me luck and ANY ideas would be very appreciated!

Holiday Menus, my specialty and favorite thing to plan I've already started thinking about Christmas and please expect antire posts dedicated to Holiday Menus but right now I'm brainstorming and focusing on Thanksgiving this year it's split between my grandmother, mother, and myself!  So all I'm handling is appetizers, salad, and dessert!  I'm super excited!  Any ideas?!?!? I'm having trouble with the apetizers because I'd like to keep it thanksgiving-esque or really american Let Me Know if you have any!

School Board Meeting...I don't have it in me to explain I'll just give you a quick version.  This Nativity story puppet show has been going on for 33 years in this town and for this school, now a new principal (not even 30 yet) has decided we can't hand out the permission slips for it because that is the school being 'to involved' and they're just making it difficult for us, very difficult...please keep the entire situation in your prayers! It's Tuesday and it's weighing heavily on my mind.

trying to make list of things to get done BEFORE the just as stressful as doing the things on the list I think LOL

This is a band called Eden's Edge, I was going through random iTunes stuff and found this treasure of a song!  I love the moving lyrics and am going to keep them in mind in all the hustle and bustle of the next few weeks...♥..."Do you sing a resurection song? Magic by the Master's hand..By Christ alone will we be found worthy of that golden crown"

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