Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thankful (Day 17&18)

I'm combining posts because I was super behind lol, today I'm thankful for the Lord's blessings for the way that I've grown in him. Because I've realized it's true when one door closes another one opens...and God is the one opening and closing. That all the things I often see as troubles and trials are actually blessings, and opportunities to grow in him!

A year ago I would not have been content to stay home everyday and paint my little home...or I would've been to busy updating my Facebook status or shopping to see how funny and sweet my little cousins can be and they remind me how the little things are the most important like riding around on a quad right before a rain storm! Or how nice it was to drink coffee from a new mug...weird little stuff that just seems to mean the world to me lately...<3 thank you Lord for all of these things and so much more :)

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