Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Easy Fall Decorating!

This is my favorite piece of anything that I own, it's white, it's beautiful and I saved it from a trash can fate at my grandmother's with some super glue!  And now I use it for everything.  And I mean any party or holiday that happens it's the center piece of my dreams because you can do anything with it...pure bliss I tell you its so stinkin' versatile!
So I'm posting this before Thanksgiving, I've been planning this since October keep in mind.  But Fall is not technically over so I can still post this guilt-free!  If you're not a DIY Diva, a Martha Stewart (even if you worship the ground she walks on), if you don't have bucket loads of money to spend, and almost no time to spend decorating as well...then you are awfully similar to me and these ideas might appeal to you!  Or you can make fun of my amateur attempts at seasonal decorations!  Either way enjoy a couple pictures of what I've been doing and somethings that have really helped me out this year!

I cannot bring myself to put out things that say 'happy harvest', or turkeys, or cornucopia's, or anything like that.  In the small space that I have I am one pilgrim away from looking like a Big Lots the limited space I have it just wouldn't look cute it would look tacky and that's sad because I love little pilgrims and stuff but I'll mourn that all later.  SO anyway I needed to do something a little more natural, a little less obvious!  I needed it to blend with my every day stuff.  So...

I used different pumpkins, gourds, and Indian corn!  These pumpkins are my favorites (all minis mind you) the two lighter colored ones are called Cinderella Pumpkins and in the second picture on this blog you'll see I placed my Cinderella pumpkins right by my Scentsy warmer and my little Hallmark saying from Cinderella!  These little pumpkins were super cheap at my local supermarket, very cute, and the PERFECT size!  I just slipped them in next to my year-round decorations and they really added a nice fall touch, they looked very natural!

This is about as cutesy as I got, mine isn't very good please keep in mind!  I got the idea from The Inspired Room!  An AMAZING blog!  I love it!  This is different scrapbook papers cut into pumpkins shapes and glued onto more of my favorite scrapbook paper and old scrabble letters at the bottom!

I love working in things that remind me of my husband without filling our walls with pictures of US lol, so his old hat is really good for that he left it for me when he was on R&R from is a VERY dirty hat but he won't let me wash it *sigh*.  And then of course Febreeze, this is the best scent they have ever come out with!!! It's a limited edition pumpkin harvest&Fall it smells AMAZING go pick some up now while you can!  And that pretty bow is just my favorite, such a good color.  Champagne is my favorite color, it looks so nice with everything!

The above are some of my everyday things...

Now this monstrosity I do not urge anyone to duplicate lol this is what happens when you have 3 triple shot venti Iced Tuxedos from starbucks in two hours, can't sleep, and just got a new glue make weird...little mini wreaths with leftover fabric, and sparkly pine cones...feel free to laugh and point...♥... And now I'll show you a picture of the top of my desk where I did most of my decorating, because that is the only place I have space!  I used ribbons I had laying around tied them around things into pretty bows, tried to keep things warm and easy, strategically placed gourds tied it all together, and I used some leftover chocolate brown fabric to as a kind of table runner for it all to sit on!  What I really advice you doing is working in your everyday stuff and your seasonal stuff, that way it's not to hard to switch once December kicks in!

Sorry it's so dark!  It was night and looked pretty lol, those are pictures of my husband and both of my grandfathers all of who were/are in the military!  Love working in the family photos and the inspirational Disney saying...♥

So how do you decorate for fall?  Do you have lots of space or only a little?  Do you have that one piece you just can't decorate without???

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